Tenqous Loumous in Filmapalooza Taos

Tenqous Loumous in Filmapalooza Taos


March 22nd, 2012


By Farah
Producer, Tenqous Loumous

29th Feb 2012

Our team Tenqous Lumous was fortunate enough to win the KL 48 Hour Film Project and as part of the prize we got to attend the Filmapalooza where winners from around the world get to screen their films. It was an extremely long  journey but we were so glad that we went because not only did we gain tons of new experiences, we also managed to gain new friends in the process. We were busy throughout the event but we had such a good time that we didn’t even mind the crazy schedule.

We took an 18-hour flight from KL to LA, and after countless delays we finally took a smaller plane to Alberqueque, New Mexico. This year the Filmpalooza was held in Taos, a town located a few hours away.

The first thing we did when we got to Alberqueque was look for a diner. After our ‘musical departure gate’ debacle at the LAX airport we were famished and dying for some grub. We headed to the car rental counter and made our way to the Waffle House. The plate of waffles was a wonderful change from the airplane food we had on the long flight from KL. This is our first decent meal after our flight and it was such a welcoming sight to our hungry tummies.

1st Mar 2012

Tomasita’s Restaurant in Santa Fe

In the morning, rejuvenated and rested, we made our way to Taos. We passed terracotta landscapes, hilly mountains and elaborately decorated archways and reached Santa Fe, which was the midpoint between Alberqueque and Taos just in time for a lunch. We headed to Tomasita’s, a New Mexican restaurant favoured by locals. We had a meal consisting of sopapillas, enchiladas and tacos. (It was good but our tastebuds were still craving for some ‘cili padi’, typical Malaysians, right?)

After a little bit of window shopping and checking out the shops at Santa Fe, we continued our journey to Taos.

Suddenly, the air started to become chillier and the sandy landscape changed into snowy meadows and hilly mountains. Soon enough we arrived at Taos. It’s a small town with a population of 4,700. It is a very artistic and cultural town. The streets are filled with galleries and shops selling assorted handicrafts. Taos is surrounded by breathtaking views of snow capped mountain so it’s a popular spot amongst skiers as well.

We checked into our rooms at Casa Benavides. We took this chance to warm ourselves by the fireplace. Jet lag had taken over and our bodies were too tired to even stay awake. We dozed off instantly.

Our hotel; Photo by Kouchi Hirano

Honey extremely excited with the Green Chili Soup at Eske

Fully rested and ready to go. We had a chance to check the schedule. Our movie was slotted to be shown on the 2nd day of the screening. So we still had a couple of days before it was our turn.

Now it was time to mingle with the other filmmakers. The location was a local pub called Eskes. Famous for their assorted beers, it was quaint and intimate, a perfect place for us to talk and get to know the other city winners. By the end of the night, we were pretty exhausted and we trudged back to our room in the extreme cold (some nights were -12 °C, no joke, it was a shock to the system)

2nd Mar 2012

The next day was jam packed with activities. We joined the rest of the 48HP participants to the Earthship site, the Gorge and we even managed to squeeze in a little excursion to Pueblo.

In the evening we got a chance to watch some of the films that were being screened at the Taos Shortz, a film festival being held at the same time as the 48HFP. It was nice mix of films ranging from dramas, comedies and even animation.

Rio Grande Gorge; Photo by: Rohit Jayakaran

Earthship; Photo by: Kouichi Hirano

Taos Pueblo with Shahril (KL CP), Tsogo (Mongolia CP) and Masahiro (Osaka Filmmaker)









3rd Mar 2012

On the day of our screening, we were the first movie to be shown at Harwood Museum of Arts. Words simply can’t describe how nervous we were.

We were sitting anxiously in our seats waiting to see the audience’s reaction to our movie. When you’re making a comedy, the audience’s response is crucial. We were so relieved when they started laughing at our jokes. Even though the durian was probably something unfamiliar to most of the audience, they actually got the humour in our movie and that was what mattered most to us.

Our screening theatre

As the screening progressed, we were amazed at the quality of the films that were being shown. And these were all done within 48 hours. We were so honoured to be even in the same screening group as them.

In the evening, 48HFP arranged a karaoke session at Kachina Lodge for all the participants. We needed a break from the marathon movie session and this was a great way to do it.

4th Mar 2012

On Sunday, more movies were being screened. The last two sessions had the strongest movies. The writing was done well and they also excelled technically. Some even had bits of animation and special effects in them.

Receiving our trophy as Best of Kuala Lumpur

We were blown away at how good they were. Malaysians really have to step up if they want to compete at the same level. We need to do better technically and deliver better stories if we want to be in the same league as these strong contenders.

At the end of the screening, they had a prize giving ceremony for all the city winners so each team had the honour of receiving a trophy from the 48HFP founders, Liz Langston and Mark Ruppert.

Of course they saved the best for last. Liz and Mark announced the winners and the 2011 48 Hour Film Project Winner was ‘In Captivity’ by Jpixx Films from Hampton Roads.

They were the big winners of this year. They won Special Effects, Best Editing and Honourable Mention for Best Directing. Runners up were ‘My Darling, I’m so sorry’ from Berlin and ‘Canh Ba Ba’ from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Filmpalooza ends with a party at the Henningson Fine Arts Gallery. I had so much fun that I left my purse there. (we had to bunk in with our city producers because my room key was also in my purse-luckily I got it back because Mark found it and the 48HFP delivered it to me a few days later)

We had such a great time at the Filmpalooza. Not only do you get a chance to screen your movie at an international level but you’ll also get to meet talented filmmakers from around the world. It was such an amazing event and we’re so thankful that we had the opportunity to experience it.

So, Kuala Lumpur… who’s next for the amazing journey to Filmapalooza 2013 in Hollywood?

Honey and I at TCA

With Mark & Liz, founders of 48HFP

Final Party at Henningson Fine Arts Gallery








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