Assemble Your Crew


You have 2 options of building a team.

If you are comfortable being in charge and most of your friends suggest you should do it, register a team.

Even if you don’t have enough crew members or are inexperienced in filmmaking, don’t be afraid to take part. There have been many great short films created over the years with crews of only 2 or 3 people as well as first timers. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate what it may take to achieve the film you would like. There is a good reason for having a large film crew. This is due to the fact there really is a lot to do in filmmaking and teaming up with more experienced crew will provide you with a great learning experience in producing a short film.

The most important part of the Kuala Lumpur 48 Hour Film Project is being part of a great crew of people who are willing and keen to work together. Do be warned, building a team is not just about the weekend of the competition. Take into consideration pre-competition preparation such as having to run around madly organizing people and following up with people after the competition (ensuring they get thanked properly, get to the screenings and get a copy of the film etc.). Otherwise, you may be better off joining another team to take part.